Advantages of a MHE Operational Lease

Advantages of MHE operational lease

Whether it’s lifting, moving or stacking, your business depends on reliable and affordable equipment to do their job. Historically it made sense for companies to own their equipment outright. But in today’s rapidly-changing marketplace, the material handling equipment (MHE) you needed 2 or 3 years ago, might not suit your business requirements today. Therefore it is not surprising that worldwide 80 percent of companies now lease some or all of their equipment. In addition to ensuring your business always has new equipment with the latest safety and technology, leasing gives you the flexibility to upgrade or downgrade at the end of your lease term based upon the changing needs of your business.

If your business has the following requirements operational lease of material handling equipment is  the right choice:

  • A desire to free up capital for other purchases
  • A forklift fleet that is as easy to manage and maintain as possible
  • Predictable monthly costs
  • Access to the latest equipment when it becomes available
  • Greater flexibility in your fleet arrangement

Also, leasing MHE can cost less than buying one outright. Here are a few reasons why:

  • No cash upfront payments
  • No CAPEX, use the money on inventory and grow your business rather spending it on an asset that will depreciate
  • As business needs change, you aren’t saddled with equipment that may have the wrong capacity or no longer suits your facility
  • Easy budgeting with a predictable unchanging monthly cost
  • Maintenance, servicing and insurance is included at reduced rates with your META Operational Lease contract
  • No cost for spare part inventory and dedicated technical team
  • No struggle with selling used, outdated machinery.

Why use META Plant & Equipment?

META Plant & Equipment operational leases for Material Handling Equipment such as forklifts represents a guaranteed cost-saving measure for all businesses. Operation leasing provides a stable, predictable bill and removes the concern of high maintenance cost or complete replacement costs in the event of defect. The company simply pays a monthly rate to use the equipment for a certain number of hours. META Plant & Equipment also offers options as buyout or lower monthly costs towards fair market value.

If you are looking to free up cash for your operations META can offer you custom sell and lease back options on your existing flee of MHE.

How do I get the best forklift lease rate for my business?

At META Plant & Equipment we’re here to help you grow your business through logistics and material handling equipment the best way, in a smart and financially-sound plan that will support your business throughout your supply and demand chain. Generally speaking, forklift lease contracts are based upon utilization (the number of expected hours the equipment will be used) duration and capacity of the machine. A lease for 1200 hours will cost much less than one for 3600 hours. Lower annual utilization can be structured with a longer term to further reduce the rate.

For advice on your best deal without any obligation please contact our leasing team.

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