Lapsset Corridor Development Authority in search of a consultant for Lamu Special Economic Zone development in Kenya

Lapsset Corridor Development Authority in search of a consultant for Lamu Special Economic Zone development in Kenya.

The Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia (Lapsset) Corridor Development Authority is reportedly looking for a consultant to help in the development of Lamu Special Economic Zone in Kenya.

The consultant will mainly help develop a detailed master plan design for the project. This is according to a Request for Proposal (RFP) floated by the LCDA in May 2024. The master plan as per the RFP should indicate the broad land use development plan. It should be characterized by a zone for industrial, trade, commercial, office and residential use among others.

According to the authority, the development of the Master plans and prototypes will be based on a phased implementation framework.

Who qualifies for the Lamu Special Economic Zone consultant job

Preference will be given to candidates who have an overall understanding of Special Economic Zones as well as the existing policies. This is according to the Lapsset Corridor Development Authority.

The candidate, the authority said, should demonstrate experience in master planning SEZs and working knowledge of the sector. Furthermore, the authority said that the candidate should also be competent in designing masterplans and developing similar designs related to specific experience in the sector. They can be a single firm or a consortium.

The best candidate will be selected under the Quality and Cost Based Selection method and in a format as described in the Request for Proposal. The selection process will be guided by the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act 2015.

The mandate of the selected consultant

The qualifying firm(s) will be expected to prepare master plan designs, prototypes and implementation plans. All these will guide the zoning development of the infrastructure and physical structures of the Lamu SEZ.

They will include plans and elevations for industrial, commercial, residential and public utilities among others based on the identified land uses and zones within the the project site. The project site, which is approximately 5,200 acres is located within the proposed Lamu City in Lamu County, Kenya.

Among other things, the consultant will in addition be required to carry out a Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) for the Lamu SEZ plan. The SEA will be conducted under the National Guidelines for SEA and the Environmental and Social Considerations Act.

About the Lamu Special Economic Zone (SEZ)

The Lamu Special Economic Zone (SEZ) is a pivotal component of the Lamu Port-South Sudan-Ethiopia Transport (LAPSSET) Corridor Program. It aims to establish a world-class economic zone in a bid to drive industrial development as well as economic growth.

The SEZ will provide physical and business development service facilities that will support local and foreign enterprises as well as facilitate their growth in various industrial sectors. In addition, it will help expand and diversify the production of goods for domestic and export markets. It will also promote value addition, and attract both local and foreign investments.  Furthermore, it will promote local entrepreneurship by supporting SMEs and enhancing technological innovations.

Noteworthy, the Lamu SEZ seeks to attract firms dealing in food and beverages, clothing, textiles, and apparel facilities. Leather manufacturing, lumber and wood, warehousing and logistics as well as automotive industry players are also expected to benefit from the project.

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